First of the Bearded Blog

Since we haven’t been doing many events lately, I figured a good way to keep our friends in the know of what’s up with the Bearded One is our new Bearded One Blog.  I thought this would be a good place to give insider reviews of events and contests, and to keep everyone up to date of what is going on in the Bearded One’s world.  

Well, I guess the first major change is our Bearded Pigs BBQ is unfortunately no longer.  Apparently someone had a similar trademark and created a whole bunch of legal BS, so it was just easier to become “The Bearded One”.  So, along with that, we had to do some new marketing, including creating a new website, new business cards, new signs etc… Oh, and new T- Shirts!  If you want one of our snazzy new t-shirts, you’re in luck!! They’re for sale at only $15 each - so let us know and send me the $$ and we’ll make sure you get one ASAP!!  

Next up is our trailer!  Can we say “Wow!”  Talk about changes.   We’ve added new floors, walls counters, cabinets, everything is virtually new!!  … The trailer is essentially a brand new one - even though it’s only a year old!   We have a few more things up our sleeves - one of which is a huge sign that we will be adding on top!  Trust me, there will no excuses if you miss us at any events.

We also will be adding some additions to our menu …we’ll keep you in suspense about most our new items, but just to get your tastebuds watering … Three words “Brisket Grilled Cheese”… it is real, and it is delicious!!

So, with a little more than a month to go before the season starts, we still have a lot to do, but we are super excited and really looking forward to seeing all our old friends and making some new ones!

My goal is to update the blog on a monthly basis, so hopefully one more before the season starts.  If we don’t though - our first two events our hometowns ones:  

  • Capitol Wrestling’s first ever live event in Jersey City on 3/25

  • Back to where it all began for Much Madness on 4/1 in good ol’ Rahway.  

Don’t be shy and come up and say hi … if you like our blog or have some suggestions, feel free to drop us a line!  We love hearing from you and are looking forward to seeing you all soon!!  

Chris Daddario