Competition Season Recap

So with another season in the books here is our final rundown of the highs and lows of 2017.  We started off our season at the NYC BBQ Cook-off and had such a crazy weekend, between not being able to find the keys to the trailer hitch, the bad GFI breaker, running out of propane for the heater to cutting our brisket “wrong”.  When we finally finished the cook thought we had some great Ribs and Pork and swore our brisket was going to be D.A.L.  We ended up with a 3rd in Ribs, 4th in Pork and 1st in Brisket for overall Grand Champ.. so by far this was the highlight of our season. 

We then moved onto Que for the Troops which was rather uneventful we did get a top 10 call with a 10th Place Pork.  After 2 more moths off from comps we made our way up to Hudson Valley and apparently forgot how to cook pork but got our first ever 1st Place in Ribs along with an 8th place in Pizza. 

Next came Seaside Heights which is one of my overall favorites and again only able to get 1 top ten call with a 9th place in Ribs and again forgot how to cook Pork.  We finally ended our season at Red White and Que in Cresskill on a quest to nail our rib cook and see how high we can get our scores but to no avail, but we did get our first ever top 10 in Chicken with a 10th Place call and apparently remembered how to cook Pork again with and ended up with an 8th place finish. 

So the first time we have done 5 comps and final rundown for the season we got 1 GC with 8 top 10 calls in categories.  For the MABA Team of the year Division too (only people who have cooked 7 contest or less) we fall into the following places out of 142 teams.

  •          Overall – 14th
  •          Chicken – 57th
  •          Ribs – 5th
  •          Pork – 16th
  •          Brisket – 18th

And for KCBS out of the 2200 teams that have cooked 5 contests or less

  •         Overall – 55th
  •         Chicken – 206th
  •          Ribs – 7th
  •          Pork – 74th
  •          Brisket – 81st

I couldn’t be happier about how we did this season and looking forward to next year and elevating all those scores.  To all who have helped me this season and special thanks to Nick who has helped at every comp and at this point don’t know we could do them without him and also to my wife Jess for putting up with these and encouraging me to do better and to be honest to tell me when I suck. 

So now we look forward to all the changes that 2018 season will bring us.

Chris DaddarioComment